Peachy Has Gone South

Cyril Benhamou


A multi-faceted artist and a productive composer, Cyril Benhamou has collaborated and toured within a wide spectrum of musical scenes, be it jazz, electro, hip-hop or contemporary music. Peachy has gone south is his first self-produced record. Who’s Peachy ? And what does he seek South of all frontiers ? This unexpected record introduces to a certain number of mysteries, along to Cyril’s most intimate thoughts, playing solo. Recorded in his own home, away for the business of big cities, this poetical opus is an inviting palette of moods.


  2. 2ème promenade
  4. Liberté de mouvement
  5. Mistakes
  6. Camel dance
  7. Apparition
  9. Le dilemme de Toursène
  10. Escape
  11. Interlude
  15. Morning song
  16. Hadas y brujas


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Date of release : June 8th, 2014

Mixed by Fabien Mossé at Le Bocal Music, Marseille. Mastered by François Fanelli à Sonics Mastering, Marseille.


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